We know that societal transformation begins with healthy families. We partner and provide tools to equip families to operate in God’s multigenerational movement.


Relationships within the family develop through tools that reveal God’s truths. We provide courses for parents, married couples and singles that support growing a healthy moral foundation that transforms society.


God’s heart for family is that everyone would feel His love and acceptance and a sense of purpose, knowing they are fulfilling God’s plan and destiny for their role in His family. We walk under the reality that we carry the presence of God wherever we go and lives are impacted because of it.


Families that spend time encountering God and consistently reading the Bible together create the foundation for what we call, “healthy families”.

As every home is filled with a culture of faith in God, the atmosphere of Heaven that is cultivated releases the reality of an authentic family life that captures the attention of people in every arena.

As a result, our families are the happiest people on the planet. We become better students, better athletes, and better friends because our attitudes reflect love and trust in God.


As we are restored to the family of God, the love we now have flows outward to those around us. Healthy families are the catalyst to the success of every sphere of influence. Through missions, reaching out to our neighbors, providing needed support to our local government, and getting involved in bringing Heaven to earth through community activities, we empower world changers to “go” at whatever age and wherever God has placed them.



We empower leaders in business and innovation to become catalysts for their community. We build and equip thriving businesses to advance and expand God’s Kingdom and vision both locally and globally.


ELEVATE coaching and training events provide resources and tools to increase influence and focus. We create workshops that are practical and collaborative and designed for every person and organization being positioned for greater impact in the marketplace.


Our business community and growing collaborations are partnered with God to see His vision funded on earth. We are aligned and united to building our regions through innovative models of business, and to design and implement the corporate framework for wealth distribution on a global scale for the purposes of His Kingdom.


Whether you are a venture capitalist, CEO, innovator, employee or stay at home mom, God is releasing blueprints and strategies from Heaven to set the course for abundant life.


We are called to catalyze a hub for ‘His Nation’, to corporately usher in a new era of market creation, and to host various platforms for the gathering of business leaders in the spirit of collaborate and strategic partnership . Our vision is to release Heaven’s blueprints and to align with God’s mission of establishing the fullness of His Kingdom on earth.



In Revival House , we understand the importance that true government plays in the earth. We create opportunities for exchange, prayer support, mobilization, to not only launch those who feel called to this mountain, but to also greatly support those already in government.


Modeling proper government within the church is our first tool and by creating a culture where governmental officials are celebrated and mobilized within our community.


We are honoring and viewing our governmental leaders as ordained by God himself. We treat them with great respect and honor their input as we collaborate to shape the future.


Seeking God for His agenda to be released here on earth and developing relationships with local governments who trust in our prophetic voice.


To have Godly leaders, who are championing justice and righteousness and using their influence for the sole purpose of bringing the King’s agenda to earth.

Our mission involves discipling Nations, reforming them into God’s original intent to expand and influence Kingdom partnership



We understand the power of this massive platform to promote the Gospel of Jesus to every nation on this earth.


The Pearl equips people in light, sound, media and the arts.


We influence others, shift atmospheres, transform regions and impact nations through our lifestyle of worship, thankfulness and devotion to God. At Revival House and through media, we courageously live out loud!


We are prophetic airwave stations that use frequencies to fill the airways with the light and sounds of heaven. We saturate all forms of communications with truth, bringing hope and setting the land, air and people free.


Let’s be reformers who use the media mountain as a platform to empower people, who promulgate the Truth of the Gospel, and promote signs and wonders throughout the world. The visuals created from photographers and filmmakers, for example, prophetically tell us what to focus on and give us a context for reality.



Because we are the sons and daughters of the Creator, we should be the most creative people on the planet. We ought to be the trendsetters and those who lead entertainment, who shape and shift atmospheres, and who partner with God to fully release the creativity of Heaven on earth.


We train and develop skills that enhance quality to create the future expression of worship through courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and gatherings. We offer both short intensives and long term courses throughout the year.


Everything and everyone was created to worship the Lord. We see this as an opportunity to utilize our whole being engaging every sense known to man. Through sight, sound and movement, we create an atmosphere for God to respond and interact with us. Our artistic community develops teams to enhance the worship experience by collaborating on big and small projects.


Every medium of creative expression has been given to us for the purpose of worshipping God. Whether it’s painting, dance, sculpting, music, or video, we steward the arts by intentionally crafting our expression with excellence and passion.


We set the trend for creative thought and flow. We are building a creative center where the culture of creativity will foster dreaming and producing the now and the next level of experiential, tangible expression.

God doesn’t need more musicians, dancers, artists, singers and poets. He needs those who know how to worship God with everything they are.

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What to expect

If you're planning to visit Revival House for the first time, we look forward to meeting you! Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Biblical, relevant teaching
  • Engaging, contemporary music
  • A safe, fun, Jesus-centered environment for your kids
  • Friendly ushers ready to answer any questions you may have

Our mission is connecting people to Jesus and one another by loving them just as Christ loved the Church. In this we have a motto to Raise leaders to change the world into a better place.





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